JBS Vol 18. Num 1_2. 2016 - The Future of Bangladesh: ICT Strategy and Technological Super-Convergence

Haider A. Khan

The main purpose of this paper is to find the ICT sector strategy as an integral part of an optimal strategy for Bangladesh to become first a middle income country by 2030 and then a high income country by 2041. Formally, I argue for a Social Capabilities Enhancing National Innovation System (SCENIS) for Bangladesh to be built in the next few decades. The transition---indeed transformation--- can be realized through a process of rapid inclusive growth leading to elimination of poverty while increasing the productive capacity and building an innovating learning economy. Since ICT globally is a dynamic sector, Bangladesh will need to focus---without being
exhaustive--- at least on the following areas of global ICT development: Cloud Orchestration; Distributed Storage; Alternatives to Java; Big Data Processing; Deep Learning in AI (Artificial Intelligence); the Internet of Things.