JBS Vol 15. Num 1. 2013 - Public Perceptions of Television News in Bangladesh: A Benchmark Study

Sabiha Gulshan
Mehdi Rajeb
Nasrin Akhter
Anis Rahman

The TV medium has experienced unprecedented expansion in Bangladesh in the past several years. Given its popularity and influence, and with more people getting their information from this medium, there is very little research regarding perceptions of TV news in the country. In this descriptive study, we examine the perceived credibility of TV news, as well as related constructs including the independence of TV news, its objectivity, its social role, and expertise, all of which influence credibility perceptions of the audience. Using factor analysis and descriptive statistics, we establish perceptual benchmarks, especially concerning the role of television news programs. Policy implications are discussed so that TV news can play a more important role in Bangladesh by promoting greater civic awareness and building democratic processes, instead of being driven solely by special interest coteries.