Vol 24. Num 1. 2022. Article 4 - Developing English Pronunciation Among Students in Bangladeshi Universities

Md. Mohoshin Reza
S. M. Wahiduzzaman
A. M. M. Hamidur Rahman

This study focuses on the proper uses of segmental elements of English pronunciation and compares theoretical knowledge and practical uses of segmental elements among tertiary students in Bangladeshi universities. The research is both qualitative and quantitative in nature, and is a combination of explorative, descriptive, and explanatory research. The study uses a questionnaire survey, diagnostic test, and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) as primary data collection instruments. The findings show that there remains a lack of motivation and negligence in the practical uses of segmental elements of English pronunciation while teaching in the universities in Bangladesh. Thus, mispronunciation by learners has become very common because their pronunciations tend to follow the spelling of English words. The absence of some English sounds (vowel and consonant) in the Bangla language also leads to pronunciation errors. The study recommends roles for teachers, learners, syllabus designers, and other stakeholders in developing effective pronunciation, leading to effective communication