JBS Vol 20. Num 2. 2018 - Bangladesh Environment Movement: Achievements and Challenges

Nazrul Islam

This paper provides an overview of the history, achievements, and challenges of Bangladesh environment movement. It uses the Environmental Kuznets Curve to explain the rationale of the environment movement and informs about its features, scope, and potential for a broader significance. It highlights the importance of cooperation between resident and non-resident Bangladeshis in forming and propelling forward the environment movement in Bangladesh. It reviews the considerable success achieved in adoption of pro-environment policies and identifies lack of proper implementation as the main current challenge. The paper discusses the main reasons for inadequate implementation and points to the ways in which these could be overcome and the role that the environment movement could play in this regard. The paper ends by noting the possibilities of vicious and virtuous cycles that the environment movement faces and the need to ensure that it is the latter that materializes.