JBS Vol 20. Num 2. 2018 - Sedimentation Rates Versus Sea-Level Rise at the Bangladesh Coast

Dipen Bhattacharya

After 8,000 years of slow sea-level rise, the onset of rapid climate change during the 20th century has initiated an accelerated rate of sea-level rise. Hence, it is important to know if the current sedimentation rates are enough to counteract the rising sea at the Bangladesh coast. We review a previous work of ours that simulated the effect of sea-level rise on the Bangladesh coastline and conclude that we might have underestimated the current sedimentation rates. Based on other recent studies on sedimentation accretion rates at the coast, we posit that the current rate of sedimentation in the active and tidally active delta is sufficient to compensate for the sea-level rise for the time being, but will be insufficient in view of future accelerated sea-level rise. Hence, unhindered sedimentation is the most essential component to maintain equilibrium with respect to sea-level rise.